Round up: September Tarot Dailies from the Year of the Lovers

I present the September round-up of Tarot Dailies, which I have posted via Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook with expanded details for each day.

September it seemed was a lot about self-reflection in the midst of business and deciding what comes in and what goes out. Perfection for those of us in a Harvest time-zone. I found myself really earthing and affirming what I do and the direction I would like to grow betwixt moments of doubt. Reading through the dailies I am reflecting on my wobbly moments and seeing a where and when things cemented for me.

How about you? How did your new years intentions play out? Did you follow through? Did you drop and go with something else? Tell me about it!

I’m looking at the new year already, 2014 is just 86 days away. I’m going to do something fun for the last 78 of them. Yes, surprise I’m going to ask my guidance what is the forward path for the rest of the year, give a few decks a shuffle and do a daily for each card as we work our way through the decks, covering meanings, ideas and thoughts about each.

Sound exciting? Follow along!

I also want to extend a very special thank you to those who have helped me through the last few months. I said I have had a wobble here and there and this month the computers crashed, phones went down, website got bonked… it’s been a wild ride. So secret thank you shout out to MissPerkins, Bird, and the anonymous helpers along the way!

Be well and be witchy, it’s October!

Scott KS

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