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Jan 27 - Year of the Lovers - One of Fire


Year of the Lovers
January 27, 2013
SundayCard: One of Fire “Force”
Deck: Tarot of the SpiritMm, yum. I began my tarot journey on this very card almost 20 years ago.One’s, or ‘Aces’ in the Tarot are the hidden intelligence, the root of the powers of the element that the suit represents. In a year of passion, following our intent, this is the suite of fire, the energy of that bliss radiant and open. If the energy is present, even if a little unfocused, consider it a universal power up.“Suddenly I just feel so ‘________’ (inspired, energetic, loving, connected, etc), but I don’t know what to do with it just yet.”Whatever your craft, however you pursue your new year intent it is to feel the energy and bask in that universal smile, be warmed by it.

Personally I found a message there of connection. Heart open, linking my intent to a group energy. That could be family, support group, or collective. Sharing the glow and flow, the feeling and the process may bring new collaborations, new awareness, new doorways into the “what’s next” in your life.

Apophyllite (pictured) I use to harmonize sky energies / higher frequency, into the physical / earth energies. It’s also been known to connect us to deeper wisdom, guides, and the knowledge of all things.

*Music ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Maps”


Thank you everyone for participating, following along with the daily posts, photos, meditations, and inspirations. It is appreciated.

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