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Reiki is my primary care profession, along with massage and education programs, I have worked with men and women on a variety of issues, including pregnancy.

This week I got a text from a long time friend, “I’m pregnant!” This is something that she has been wanting again for the last year and as because she’s one of my clients as well I was not only excited that she finally got her wish, I was happy for the chance to include another baby in our bi-weekly healing sessions.

Working with a mother-to-be is an amazing experience. As I pass the the healing Ki (energy) to mom I also have to take care to work with the developing baby’s energy as well. For me this is like working with two people at once however it’s made special because of the new soul involved in the work.

It’s magical.

Poking around on the internet to some of my favorite sites I came upon this little bit at LIVESTRONG. I posted an excerpt below and the link at the end, as food for thought.

Energetic therapies are not just for the ill, they are for the well, the bright and healthy pregnant too.

Reiki for Pregnant Women – LIVESTRONG


Emotional Support
Reiki energy creates a sense of calm and ease in its recipient, and your pregnant client might benefit from a reduction in anxiety about pregnancy and an increase in a sense of well-being. Reiki also has been known to improve sleep quality, which can benefit a pregnant client experiencing insomnia or difficulty sleeping due to the changes in her body.

Physical Support
The energy channeled through Reiki practitioners can relieve pregnancy-associated pains in the mother’s body and strengthen movement of fluids and energy between the client and her fetus. Reiki helps restore balance to a pregnant mother’s body, and helps her to adjust more easily to physical changes both during and after pregnancy.

Labor Support
During labor, a practitioner can provide either direct, physical contact or distance healing to a client to help support the transitions of labor, calm a client’s fears and reduce labor pains. Connecting with the mother and infant also can make the birth experience less stressful for both of them, and speed up post-natal healing.

Full article here [LINK]

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/515349-reiki-for-pregnant-women/#ixzz2HhclNElI

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