Spirits: People without bodies…

Yes a ghost, or “the one who tried to spook me”.

Bear with me as I am going to write this as it comes and I’m still a little shaky and deranged feeling. I was up for three hours working on this…

Last night I woke up at 2:59 am. I know that because I woke, stood up and walked into the kitchen to look at the clock on the stove. I sighed because I knew I was going to be up for hours and so I turned on the light over my work space and sat to write. I lit candles, meditated  and then… suddenly I tiny prickles raced down, all over my neck arms and back.

The entry door stood out very strongly to me for a moment, and being in a magickal mind-set from the meditation, I suddenly felt something just beyond it. I could hear, like the bolt-latch being fiddled with. I walked up to the door. I held the latch and looked through the peep-hole and though I could not see anyone outside of my door, in the hallway, I felt my fingers resisting the bolt. The bolt was turning against my hand and I was holding it locked.

I got another tingling wave followed by a tangible rush of fear from whatever was beyond the door.

I don’t do this “fear thing” from spirits. It kind of pisses me off. I calmed myself. Took control of what was going on inside me. I planned on doing some protective work but feeling afraid isn’t a good place to start. First I connected to my divinities. For me this is the best place to start. Then I channeled that love that I feel with them through me. I took my Athame, one I’ve had since high school, and called for protection. I drew a banishment against that which would seek to cause fear or harm. There was more resistance, almost anger, flashes of something at the edges of my vision. It looked like there was a man, sort of white colored, smoky. He was poking / waving and lunging at me. Again there was a wave of tingle-fear.

At this point I do what my kind of witches do. I cast a circle and began to try to dissolve this spirit that obviously wanted me afraid of it.

As I moved quietly through the house, calling on my guardians, setting a barrier, and invoking protection and for the spirit to pass away, a shadow detached from the hall to our room. A blurry, bulky mass that moved towards me. It may sound strange if you haven’t experienced this before but I knew that it wanted to scare the shit out of me, to make me submit to it. The tingling increased.

In my experience, when we become afraid of these types of entities we allow them a little more power. The more you submit to them by falling into fear, the stronger their reaction. Like a bully they really want to bring you down and get something out of you.

I attacked it directly. I cast light at it through my Athame, a ritual blade, and drew a banishing pentagram right into. Flaming blue-white light. He/it, vanished.

This experience is somewhat of a surprise but not entirely. We live in an old building, there were offices, and manufacturing happening here long before there were residents. We all bring our unique energies, experiences and lives to where we live. This can build up in positive and harmful energies.

When B and I moved in to our new place there was a very heavy energy present. It was perceptible to me and a couple of friends who had told me that I would need to bring some sage. I knew that there had been some sort of trouble in the loft with the previous residents, and I got distinct impressions of drug abuse, darkness, and a lethal sex-drug combo. The center of the main room felt, as my friend described it, like being underwater. From the kitchen to the middle of the room you could sense a deepening of pressure, like dropping deeper under the surface of the water. The closet near the door was dark as well.

In the days before we moved in I did a clearing and protection on the loft. In each place I live I open the doors of my healing temple, careful to shield neighbors of the energy, and set the space for the life B and I share, and the work I do. There was a measurable feeling, after the first cleansing that the memories and activities of the previous residents had dispersed but there was a sensation of something left over. After last night, I’m certain that I’ve found that something.

I don’t like it.

While I have plans to do some more cleansing and intend to find this spirit and move the energy out and disperse the “left over” between now and Candlemas, I would like to hear your impressions, ideas and insights.

I’ve had a lifetime of these types of encounters, many good, all interesting and few that were very aggressive like the one that was here last night. I would never call them common, at this point I think it would become so, but these types of things tend to increase my sensitivity to the unseen, but often felt other world.

I’m curious, have you had a ghostly encounter? What was it like? What did you do? How did it work out?

Sitting at home, getting ready to paint and welcoming the coming rain.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith
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2 thoughts on “Spirits: People without bodies…

  1. Oh honey the stories I could tell. I never see spirits but feel them. I only saw one fully formed once but I wasn’t scared but found out from a spritualist that he was not a good thing. She advised me to burn camphor tablets to get rid of it. The incense and sage I was using didn’t do the trick when we first moved into the house. And I am not sure he was attached to the house either. But after that, I never had any problems.

    It’s been a long time I had a really scary experience with anything like that. Mainly things happen to me in dreams and they never manifest themselves to a point where things move or I see them.

    I hope one day we meet because we can swap stories.

  2. I have had a few stories. I pretty much always figure that I am going to have to do a double cleansing at any place I move into. One to clean all the Ick out, and another to clean and put YAY! in. Especially when I moved into the nice apt I live in now. I acquired it from two friends, who while nice people, were terribly dirty. Like OMG people live like this, quick call those english Women on TLC who clean houses dirty. I am glad I spent the day before I moved in cleaning as much as I could, cause it was really awful, and while it is still a battle, it is not nearly as much a battle as it was now.

    I have to say, I think the small complex I live in had a place spirit. Had it the operative word. One of the friends told me how he slows banished something out when he first moved in, and I have to say, DOH. He kinda removed something that was not welcoming to him at first, but given time, might have been. Instead, it’s gone completely. I wonder if I could call one up again, or maybe I would have to create one whole cloth, and tie it to this whole place so maybe things might improve again. I don’t know.

    Besides that, I have had more then my fair share, some mostly intentional, a few not. Like you, I wouldn’t call it common, but yeah, it still happens. I do have to say, every now and then I feel a bit of envy to those who live a life of common spirit contact, but then at the same time, I feel sad for many of them, as they don’t want it, and wish most of these beings would leave them alone, and let them be.

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