Suspended in-Between. Awake at dawn.

Usha, Goddess of Dawn

Usha, Goddess of Dawn

I have always believed in the power of places In-Between. That moment when day ends and night begins. Dusk. A hole through a stone found at the beach. The crack in the door. The edge of vision. The invisible place between known and unknown.

Morning between night and day, we call this dawn. When we drift from sleep to waking with the turning of the planet and stars, the moon, darkness and light. I wake, suddenly at this time, as if the stirrings of endings and beginnings in that crack where I lay suspended breath a wind across my mind.

This is a magickal place a time of love. Love is Magick. The power here is like that between two bodies entwined. Two magnets drawn together, or tensed apart. Here is rest and wake. Dream and lucidity. The silence between the thud-thud of the heart.

At this crossroad I thank my divinity. I ease myself into the fold of here and there and float. Counting into meditation, entering the sacred space. Here I do my work.

I enter meditation.

Scott K Smith


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