Journey Journal: A little round up… Part 1

Looking out the window from the new studio

Looking out the window from the new studio

I have had a busy and transformative couple of weeks here at home base. I’ve completed (mostly except for minor details) my studio space at home for art, healing and readings. Moving, clearing, cleaning and packing… unpacking, painting, designing and hurting my wobbly knee. Two weeks later and I’m up in the morning again, building out my daily practice.

I realize that an interruption in the routine can be creative, getting me to change up habits and form new ideas, new ways of doing things, but change in its creative disruption also calls discipline back to the front of the line.

To quote Stephanie Syd, “Meditation is a practice, but it’s also a discipline.” I think that’s true of living, in fact I’ll call in some words for this roundup of posts, a summation:

Practice. Discipline. Disruption. Exploration. Discovery. Sacred. Innovation. Practice. Discipline.  Continue reading

Some things to peruse – A little roundup

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Too many good things on the radar lately. I’m not complaining, I’m a reader of all things of wordy value, humor or interest. As quickly as I tear through two books, note taking and making marks, I have three more piled on my desk, two in the mail from someone, with a note that reads “you’ll love this!”

I’m about a third of the way through the lovingly loaned books care-of Anne H.up north, and already I have two on psychology and the shadow, and another on Ramana Maharshi, thanks to friends, clients and fellow teachers.

And I’m not done writing.

But, inspiring influences await and I’ve rounded up a few for you to look at this week. I don’t do this regularly, I used to but it become routine and lacked flavor so I let it go. However, I found these… Continue reading


A few things updated on the page, to make it easier I’ve done some back-end work to organize pricing, and information pages, creating a menu like service options with links to details. I made a few other adjustments, and created a few pages–based on customer and friend feedback, to make this all work a little cleaner.

These are a new Service & Rates page, prices out all that I am currently offering. It links to the following information pages:

Shop still includes:

Online Readings: Life Path Readings, Mini and Full Tarot Readings, Oracle of Caves,Butterfly relationship readings, and Spirit Portraits are now available.

Virtual Healings: Distance healing requests by donation, and Healing Transmission Services for dedicated, personal, distance healing focuses.

The biggest update at this time tho is transforming our front bedroom into a healing space. As we move someone out and create new light in the space, I so excited about this shift and offer a dedicated–and I mean that on a few levels–Sacred Space. TempleWell will have a first home.

More on that in next months mailer.

Love you, thank you for your support, shares, likes, attendance, notes, love, hugs, dragging-your-friend-along, and you. Your friendship means a lot in the process of growing and expanding. I do it WITH you.

602793Scott K Smith
Healer. Intuitive. Artist

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Class and Calendar Updates, April 2015: Meditation, Ego, Altars, oh my!

Quick note, I updated the Calendar page to reflect all the upcoming classes, and about a week ahead of availability. I am happy to announce the comeback of one of our favorite classes at the Crystal Matrix, Altars of the Elements. 


April 2015

  • Meditation Series: Repurposing Ego. “Repurposing The Ego will explore four essential practices outside of the box of tradition to bring this force into to the front of the creative, living, process through breath, image, sound, and dialogue.”
    4-Weeks, starting Monday, April 6, at the Crystal Matrix.[LINK]
  • Altars of the Elements, returns on April 21st. This was an amazingly fun class of exploring the Altars and the four esoteric elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. [LINK]
  • Community Meditation: “As Within, So Without.” What am I speaking to the universe? What whispers back?” April 26, 2015 at the Crystal Matrix [Link coming soon].

About Altars of the Elements

Altars of the Elements - April 2015 (1)-page-001

Downloadable PDF for you to share: Altars of the Elements – April 2015 (1)

Our teachers…

Stephanie Syd Yang,
Ora B. Nance-Woodley, @ the Crystal Matrix
Scott K Smith,

facebook page:

602793Scott K Smith
Healer. Intuitive. Artist

© 2015, Scott K Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured – Podcast, OnBeing: The Body After Cancer with Eve Ensler

English: Eve Ensler

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Sometimes I hear something and I must share. As a healer I cannot pass up an opportunity to pass on some of the living wisdom, shared by Eve Ensler, in this OnBeing podcast.

So many notes, for me, came out of this conversation. Eve’s placement of her self in a crisis in her life, and her approach to embodying the process is powerful.

I invite you to follow the link and enjoy explore this episode with me.

The Body After Cancer

Continue reading