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Hi all.

As you may know I’ve been into more and more learning in my life at this time. As I expand the healing space at home, I’m also expanding the mind and spirit with various classes and commitments, including the Temple of Witchcraft.

I’m very dedicated to the process which has become very internal at this point in the study, and it is expanding on a lot of what I do. That means I am in a place of receiving new or deeper insights intuitively, creating new spiritual and energetic connections for my therapeutic work, and expanding my offerings in the form of classes, online and in person readings, community events, and who knows… maybe some art?

This takes money tho and so I’m challenged with learning, working, and creating healing and insight spaces for patients, friends and family. It’s a challenge but a worthy one as I’m growing into new things. If you see this on any item in the shop in all likelihood all or part is going towards my education, or something that has come from that education:


“This is a featured reading (or healing, or class) and choosing it, your purchase goes towards my training with the via paying for my training, education, and potentially trips and events. You help me, your get insight, we bring the current to the Temple teaching to further build the community. Yay!”

Small heads up. I’ve also added a new spread to the online shop, Three Worlds, Time and Tides Spread. More of a contemplative reading, another forecast of sorts.



More on that, here.


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Dear Jewel, Thank You for the Lovely Testimonial


Three or four weeks ago a couple of women walked by the Crystal Matrix, several times back and forth. Watching them out the window I just knew that we’d be chatting. They had that special glow.

After several minutes they came into the shop, circled me several times and cautiously asked about a reading. After a few more circles, they asked me for a short 15-min consultation, for each, but done together.

Jewel, a matured woman, somewhere in her 80’s. I had to repeat a lot of what came through for her about Poetry, the Wind, and a very close family member but it was the uncomfortable bit about the “Bowel,” that I had to tell her, even tho I could tell she wasn’t very comfortable with the message.

Last week this came in the CM mail for me…


(I created a collage the front and back of the card).

Dear Scott,

I think I will just send you a note by snail mail and be done with this. In my reading with you last Sunday about 2 pm, you said a hated word to me before you could share the reading. I was stunned and I could not understand why that word was even a part of my reading. It took me two nights of looking for clarity to get it, but I did the second, actually early morning, about 5 am. BOWEL, was the word, a word I have always hated since I was a very little kid. And you said it “in public.” Well, obviously you had a message that I needed to hear it before I went on with my “work.” Now I have spent two amazing days processing lots of trapped emotion, some of it for more than 70 years. Because of your saying that word, I wrote several chapters of the book I am working on, full of experiences I have needed to come to terms with an release. Then, the 3rd morning I awoke with great clarity and just released it all, deleted all the copies of the book I had been working on for several years, knowing I was done with it all. I may write another book but it will be a different book and I am free of all that baggage. Thanks, Scott, for your help.

–Sincerely, Jewel

Needless to say as I started the letter I thought, “Oh Gods, who didn’t like what I had to say..?” but then as I continued, my grimace became a smile, and then a laugh, and then love.

You can view all of my testimonials here.


602793Scott K Smith
Healer. Intuitive. Artist

© 2015, Scott K Smith. All rights reserved.

Astrology from the feeds: July, Neptune, Venus, Chiron Rx., Mercury Direct, Themes and more.


Image via: Quote, Scott K Smith,

Placing this here, this week, an astrological round-up from the various feeds. Last night we had circle with Ayamanatara in her loving and magickal outdoor space, in addition to some of the people in a seed group for future circle events in LA, ‘Natara brought us a read from the energetic currents in a New Moon gathering.

“When I understand the poetry of the stars
I find one of the many voices of my soul
Speaking to me from the majesty of the heavens
to the heart of my being.”
Kaypacha Report, via Mystic Mamma 

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Journey Journal: A little round up… Part 1

Looking out the window from the new studio

Looking out the window from the new studio

I have had a busy and transformative couple of weeks here at home base. I’ve completed (mostly except for minor details) my studio space at home for art, healing and readings. Moving, clearing, cleaning and packing… unpacking, painting, designing and hurting my wobbly knee. Two weeks later and I’m up in the morning again, building out my daily practice.

I realize that an interruption in the routine can be creative, getting me to change up habits and form new ideas, new ways of doing things, but change in its creative disruption also calls discipline back to the front of the line.

To quote Stephanie Syd, “Meditation is a practice, but it’s also a discipline.” I think that’s true of living, in fact I’ll call in some words for this roundup of posts, a summation:

Practice. Discipline. Disruption. Exploration. Discovery. Sacred. Innovation. Practice. Discipline.  Continue reading

Some things to peruse – A little roundup

IMG_1840 Lights on the Altar - home *Photo credit: Scott K Smith

Too many good things on the radar lately. I’m not complaining, I’m a reader of all things of wordy value, humor or interest. As quickly as I tear through two books, note taking and making marks, I have three more piled on my desk, two in the mail from someone, with a note that reads “you’ll love this!”

I’m about a third of the way through the lovingly loaned books care-of Anne H.up north, and already I have two on psychology and the shadow, and another on Ramana Maharshi, thanks to friends, clients and fellow teachers.

And I’m not done writing.

But, inspiring influences await and I’ve rounded up a few for you to look at this week. I don’t do this regularly, I used to but it become routine and lacked flavor so I let it go. However, I found these… Continue reading