Sunday November 23, 2014: Community Meditation – “What we make it.”

Community Meditation - What we Make of it - November 23 - 2014

I hear a lot of people talking about being “stuck,” now. As we moved through the cross-quarter on the 7th, there was that feeling of communion and then release. Throwing things into the fire of the Universe, left our being-ness with a loss. Not knowing to throw away the “thing,” (connection, energy, etc) could be bogging us up; as could our hesitancy to grab the next frequency of energy, the next experience, the new light.


The key to change is being an active participant, making it happen, creating from our source and not waiting for a ‘sign’ or ‘symptom,’ before we make the change we desire.


Love, desire, movement. Let’s do this!

Join us at the monthly, community meditation at The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village. This month we will explore “What we experience, is what we make of it.” We begin with meet and greet, and define what brings us to the circle. We enter closed eyed breathing and relaxation of 12/13 countdown of the Solar and Lunar energies within us. Channeled music by Thaddeus, via, and guided meditation into this monthly gathering by Scott, as guided with those present. Continue reading

Journeying the Invocation: Down the Rabbit Hole, Registration CLOSED

Quick note as I just got a call from the Crystal Matrix about tonight’s gathering. The ritual registration closed Wednesday, which left me enough time to buy material for the journey aspect of the invocation. Unfortunately we cannot add any others to the sacred space at this time.

I’m touched to hear that there were other interested people who wanted to intend. The material necessary for the ritual required a head count so I knew how many folks to gather in the circle, including Ayamanatara and myself.

Thank you to those that called in later, we will update information with new dates on another ritual in the near future/year.

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“But wait, there’s more!” On Spirit Vessels for Intentional work in 2015, year of Strength.


LPR-03-Central_Theme_GuidanceFor each Life Path or Full Tarot Reading purchased (online readings only) I will enter your name in a drawing for a custom intention jar that I will create, work the magick on, and send to you (instructions included).

Intention Jars are working vessels that are custom designed by Scott to suit your desires, goals, and intentions for the 2015 year cycle, the Year of Strength! Continue reading

November 2014 Overview – Wisdom Dailies

Two of Vessels "Attraction;" The Lovers; "The Great Work," Ten of Earth; Five of Staves

Two of Vessels “Attraction;” The Lovers; “The Great Work,” Ten of Earth; Five of Staves.

November is here, All Saint’s Day, Dia de los Muertos, the Mighty Dead, however you celebrate Samhain the festival of those who’ve gone before has come. You may have honored the occasion on the 31st as Halloween (observed), or today, or like me you  may be waiting for the cross-quarter day between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice because you like to get nerdy with certain details when it comes to timing. Although I am not very persnickety about all the minutia, I do like aspects of timing, as aligned as possible.

I like to be ready for all of my dates.

Speaking of dates there are some interesting notes in the monthly overview for November. Drawing from three decks I noted two cards “Attraction,” the Two of Vessels in the Wildwood Tarot, and The Lovers, from the Tarot of the spirit, creating an echo of as above so below in the reading. Two of vessels is, for me, in many ways the micro to The Lovers Macro; The Major Arcana detailing the large energetics and the vessels playing with the “how to” (or the minutia) of the energy.  Continue reading

Event: Journeying the Invocation – Down the Rabbit Hole

A few months ago Ayamanatara approached me with a whisper from Spirit about collaborating on some classes, somethings specific for Pantheacon in February of 2015.


Our ritual, “Journeying the Invocation – Down the Rabbit Hole” is a sacred process, in circle, of allowing the divine to flow through us individually, and collectively, in a ritualized space. Costume or sacred vestments encouraged, but not required, sometimes a mask or face paint, or magickal vestments will encourage deeper experiences with the divine.

This ritual experience will activate your receptors to help you bring the Divine through and allow you to hear the wisdom of the ages in a safe, consensual space. Come wearing masks or costumes to enhance your experience of a potentially emotive journey into the out-of-the-ordinary.

Please arrive early, no one will be admitted after we begin.

$25 if paid one week in advance
$33 at the door

Continue reading