Weaving Moonlight, by Eric Dupree

weavingmoonlightcoverI’ve gone on a lot about books recently because reading is fueling the new creative in me for this year. In many ways I am still gestating but I can feel a lot of what I want to do begin to emerge as I nurture a new year.

In my last post (the book one) I mentioned Weaving Moonlight, Lunar Mysteries, Meditations and Magic for the Soul, as one of my go to “practice” practice books for this year. Getting into deeper connection with the phases, cycle and tides felt more than relevant to me.

As an added bonus for the mention and the review… Continue reading

My 2015 Reading List

Also known as the Intuitive approach to wending my way along this years lunar path and building on the story of Strength: Readings from authors that move or intrigue me.

If I wanted to mark this last year as a start and stop. I’m compelled to acknowledge that none of us do ‘life’ alone; and being a chronic book addict… Ahem, I mean to say a lover of good literature, vision, and practice found in books, I must give credit to where credit is due. I’m building on my new reading list for this year with voices that I feel related to my calling.

I’ve decided to sweep the desk of old materials and build out a new creative space for the work. Removing the reference books and journals, feathers and even pens and journals that made up the Wisdom Daily’s of last year is essential, and stocking up on what I’ll need in the coming weeks and months for crafting, writing, having fits, and meditation.

I think it’s important for me to point out that I need pens and paper, and actual books. I’ve purchased a few e-publications but it’s not the same. The smell of pages old and new, the ability to put stickies with notes, and pen things into a journal makes this work for me. Besides I find that when I rely on everything digital I find that the ease of posting to an app is also easily forgettable, I just clicked and spoke, and moved on without the textural things a person of touch needs for recall. I need the tangible.  Continue reading

Update in the Works

The lunar new year is almost here and as I promised myself I would start anew. New projects, new classes, and so new posts.

The latest entry on the site will post on the 20th of this month. I’ve spent the better part of a week getting my creative space, blogs, images, and the newsletter in order. The Newsletter will have more information on updated readings, coming classes, and other notes not included on social media sites.

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Thank you for continuing to support my work, path and passion.

602793Scott K Smith
Healer. Intuitive. Artist

Under Construction

Just a heads up as I am starting to wade into the work on my website and this may take a week or two as I adjust images, style, and add things to the shop. Some changes take longer than others but that won’t detract from the work, although my web space may go all Picasso for a few as I make changes.

Please don’t mind the mess, it’s a creative jumble. Expect things to be in their new usual around the Lunar New Year.


602793Scott K Smith
Healer. Intuitive. Artist

The Site Will Be A-Changin’ – and other updates

Okay so “stuff,” about my website and services in the coming year, which is just a few days away, but first I’d like to start by thanking every one of you that has been a part of this incredible (if at times challenging) year. Your comments, shares, and various hurrah’s in the virtual world have really helped to carry the musings, daily Wisdom spreads, classes and events, and my services to a bigger audience. And for those of you who commited to a class or meditation, thank you. The year for  me in the Tarot was Chariot and that meant taking the reigns of my life and making magick happen.

2015 for me is the year is one of Strength. I’ve thought a lot about this as a theme and written a few musings about what I feel is in the air with this kind of influence. Strength as I am reading this year, is really about continuing influences that have bloomed as the connections we are making with one another collectively in our communities, practices, and with our friends and family have grown. Strength is asking us to recognize that “no man (or woman) is an island unto themselves,” and in growing this year I am asking us all to consider lessons from the Chariot, and resisting the reactive, the controlling, the mad racing that we it seems are prone to. Chariot taught us to ride together, as people, in collective movement… and the cost of stubborn refusal, bucking harmony,fear and the use of power as means of control, judgment, and punishment.

Strength means we are a dynamic community. As a group we have power. Strength is in the heart, not the head, and so is a warm movement however stern or embracing it must be. With that said there are some changes that I will be making this year. Continue reading