Journey Journal: Pantheacon 2015 – On Ritual and Warding

I had the pleasure of my first Pantheacon (PCON) this last February. One might think that as a Californian, originally from Northern California, this would be a CON I was regular about, however up until about 3 or 4 years ago I was fairly solitary in my spiritual pursuits choosing instead a less public life and more friend and family life, for no other reason than I preferred the smaller workings and gatherings.

Honestly I just can’t think of a good reason that I have missed out on such a good time.

This year with my dad’s birthday on the horizon, right near PCON, and some friends both distant and local going, and factor in that Ayamanatara and I were in line as potential presenters if someone couldn’t make their commitment–which by the way I learned was a bigger achievement than I imagined. Gather that I’m new at this public stuff, again. Please pinch me. I just had to go. We didn’t end up presenting mostly because of material costs and the nature of our ritual contingent on a head count, and so grateful but declining, continued with the learning and festivities. Two of my most important pulls to Pantheacon were two very good friends, sister-friend Kaynek and another who was presenting several rituals, as well as hosting a hospitality suite for their organization.

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Balance: Darkness and Light



Seeking and meditating on balance this month. Finishing up a reading for a friend and client this morning. Today I’m seeking balance in light and dark.

“no half is whole. to make magick I need the poetry of dark and light…”

With love,

602793Scott K Smith
Healer. Intuitive. Artist

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Morning Zen: The Living Universe – Neil deGrasse Tyson and Terence Mckenna


I’m sure you haven’t seen this, but even if you have, enjoy. Ruminations with Neil de Grasse Tyson, and Terence McKenna dubbed into video, with some beats.

Also note, I have a Youtube channel now. I’m building out favorites like this, as well as holding space for new videos and meditations. I need to get friendly with the lens, especially video recording. Consider it therapy to get comfortable for me, and potential entertainment for you.


602793Scott K Smith
Healer. Intuitive. Artist

© 2015, Scott K Smith. All rights reserved.

Event: Community Meditation – “Embracing Change”


Sunday, February 22, – 2015

Join us at the monthly, community meditation at The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village. This month we will explore change.

We begin with meet and greet, and define what brings us to the circle. We enter closed eyed breathing and relaxation of 12/13 countdown of the Solar and Lunar energies within us. Channeled music by Thaddeus, via, and guided meditation into this monthly gathering by Scott, as guided with those present.  Continue reading

Update: Readings and Healings

I have restocked the readings section of the shop now that I am back in Los Angeles. I have also added two new services to the site, distance healing work.

Distance Healing Requests are by love donation. I have worked with healing requests over many years on a weekly and monthly basis. As I’ve gotten more engaged in the work and my experience has expanded I have tidied up the process. [LINK]

“The wound is a place where light enters you.” — Rumi

Session: Healing Transmission
I have also included a dedicated healing transmission service to the page. I do this for several private clients, one of whom actually prefers the distance, with great results and I decided to offer this up to you, my readers, clients and friends. [LINK]

Healing Sessions      healing

If you have questions about either of these services, please contact me for more information.

Online Readings: Life Path Readings, Mini and Full Tarot Readings, Oracle of Caves,Butterfly relationship readings, and Spirit Portraits are now restocked and available online.

There are three other services in the works, details on those for subscribers to the March 2015 newsletter… You can subscribe here [LINK].

602793Scott K Smith
Healer. Intuitive. Artist

© 2015, Scott K Smith. All rights reserved.